Ticket Prices  


Weekend Evening (from 18:15)          

Standard: £54.00

Premium: £71.50


Weekend Matinee        

Standard: £39.00

Premium: £56.50


Weekday Evening (Tuesday to Friday)    

Standard: from £39.00

Premium: from £56.50


Premium ticket holders will receive a delicious tea party cocktail, an Alice programme, one of the Queen’s edible treats and a refreshing after show cocktail.  
The ticket prices above include the £1.50 booking fee for advance online and phone booking
Please be aware there are strictly no late admissions. We advise you arrive at least 15 minutes before your start time.


To purchase tickets

Book online here
For group bookings and to purchase a ticket by phone please call:
0844 248 1125


Lines are open:

Monday to Friday - 10am till 7pm

Saturday - 10am till 4pm

Sunday  - 10am till 4pm


For all customer service and ticketing enquiries please contact:

0844 248 1125 - 10am till 6pm


Please note that tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

If you purchase your ticket from www.alice-underground.com, or over the phone, you will be issued with an email confirmation and e-ticket at the time of booking. Tickets will not be dispatched so please make sure you save the email containing your ticket.


U26 Bookings

All Under 26 tickets have now sold out.


To book:

1. Log in or create an account.

2. Use the code Under26 when prompted.


Tickets booked in advance online or over the phone are subject to a £1.50 per ticket booking fee. Customers must be logged in for the under26 offer to apply.

Tickets are limited to 2 per customer, and each Under 26 ticket holder must present photo ID that proves their age at the Box Office. Customers without proof of age will be charged the full Standard ticket price.

Please be aware, the Under 26 offer is not valid on preview performances.


Eat Me/ Drink Me Offer: 

Double your adventure in one night!

Eat or Drink? Red suit or Black?

Hearts, clubs, diamond, or spades...?

Did you fight for the Wonderland Underground Resistance movement, or were you a secret spy for the Queens Garden Brigade?

There are many different paths through Wonderland, what adventure did you have?

And have you ever wondered what would have happened if you made a different decision? Well wonder no more and ensure you experience Wonderland to the fullest with our special Eat Me / Drink Me offer!

With 4 separate adventures to take you can now experience both sides of Wonderland in one night and get £10 off your booking! What could be more Frabjous?!


Start your first journey at 6.15pm any Tues, Wed, Fri or Sat night and when you emerge you have 1 hour to enjoy the Wonderland Bar before heading back Underground at 8.45pm for a new adventure!

The clock is ticking, the show must end on 23rd September, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets today!


Corporate Events

If you’re looking for corporate event in London, then we have the answer! Alice’s Adventures Underground is the perfect event to get teams having fun and bonding through this unique experience.

Individual shows (12 per night) for up to 56 people or full evenings for up to 672 people are available to book.

Hospitality and exclusive packages can be arranged. For further information and any queries concerning booking for team building or corporate events, please contact [email protected]


Groups of 10+

Tuesday – Thursday Performances

Standard Tickets from £32.50

For all group bookings please contact our customer services team on 0844 248 1125.


Hen Parties

Join us for an unforgettable night in Wonderland and celebrate your Hen Party in style. We assure you the Hen will receive the most royal treatment, as though she were the Queen of Hearts herself.

Come along and see the hit Olivier Award nominated immersive adventure Alice’s Adventures Underground and then continue the fun in The Wonderland Bar with bespoke cocktails all night long.

Our hen party package includes:

• Premium tickets for Alice’s Adventures Underground (including a tea party cocktail, a programme, an additional after show cocktail and an edible treat courtesy of Smith & Sinclair).

• No Booking Fees

• Sharing Cocktail (at 20% off, serves 6 people)

• A free Scavi & Ray 20cl bottle of Prosecco for the hen

You will also be able to book a private area in the Wonderland Bar for your party.

Minimum of 8 tickets must be bought as part of the package.

To book, please email [email protected] for more information.



Secondary Schools (Ages 11+)

Standard Tickets reduced to £25.00 (1 teachers free per 10).

Available Tuesday - Thursday performances at 5:45pm


The minimum size of a group you can book is 15 persons.

The maximum size of a group you can book for a single performance is 56 persons.

There must be two adults for every ten students.

Education packs will be available.

Discounts are subject to availability and are not available during school holidays.

For all school bookings and more information please contact our customer services team on 0844 248 1125.


Primary Schools (Ages 5 – 10)


Alice’s Adventures Underground is not suitable for children under the age of 11.

Unfortunately our children’s show Adventures in Wonderland is now closed, but please keep checking back for new shows. 



Wonderland offers every visitor a unique theatrical experience. No two people will have the same experience – there will be twists, turns and surprises on every journey down the rabbit hole. Due to the limitations of the venue, wheelchair and limited mobility visitors and their carers will be taken, in parts, on their own individual experience just like a limited number of other audience members will be during their journeys. Please be assured that your experience is guaranteed to be as full and as interactive as any other visitor to Wonderland.  

In order to make your experience as special as possible, if you have any access requirements, we will need to guide you through both the booking process and provide you with instructions on what to do on the day of your performance.

Please read further information below on the accessible performance options available and how to make a booking.


Ticket Price

There are no concessions on the ticket price, but for each access ticket sold we will provide a complimentary carer ticket.
Unfortunately, premium tickets are not available within the carer ticket arrangement.


To Make a Booking

Please call our dedicated access team on 0844 248 1125 who will be able to make a booking and provide further information on the show and Wonderland. Unfortunately access tickets cannot be booked online.

Please note we need at least 48 hours’ notice to book in access tickets due to the nature of the show and so we can provide adequate support within the show.

Please provide as much information as possible on your access requirements in order to ensure that your visit to Wonderland is as enjoyable as possible.


On the day of the show

For all of our visitors, arrival time is no later 15 minutes prior to your performance time. Please make yourself known to any member of the Front of House team who will direct you to the commencement of your performance.


Wheelchair Users

Wonderland is accessible to both wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. However due to the limitations of the building, wheelchair places will be limited to one guest per performance, subject to availability on the following time slots:


17.45pm for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday performances

18.00pm for Friday performances

13.45pm and 18:00pm for Saturday performances

13.45pm for Sunday performances.

Please note there are doors in the show with a width of 731mm. If your wheelchair is too wide to pass though, we offer the opportunity to transfer to a manual wheelchair for the show, please mention that you wish to do so at the point of booking.  Please be aware there is a ramp incline in the show of 1 in 6.

We will provide a dedicated guide to accompany you and your carer through Wonderland.


For guests with limited mobility, there will be limited seating at the venue and you will be standing for the majority of the experience, so please do bring any accessories you may need to help with this.

All wheelchair and limited mobility tickets must be booked in 48 hours’ in advance, to ensure that we can provide adequate support.


Visual Impairment

Wonderland is a multi-sensory treat and visitors with visual impairments. From the 1st June we will be offering pre-show introductory audio notes and an in-ear audio description to enhance your experience of Wonderland. The audio description will be provided by Vocal Eyes. 


For your safety we do require a carer to accompany you through Wonderland (as above, their ticket is complimentary).


All visual impairment tickets must be booked in 48 hours’ in advance to ensure that we can provide adequate support and are subject to availability.


Touch Tours

All tickets are complimentary and must be booked in advance through our dedicated access team and are subject to availability. 


For your safety we do require a carer to accompany you through Wonderland (as above, their ticket is complimentary).

For more information, please contact us on [email protected]

Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Deaf or hard of hearing guests will have a rich and rewarding experience in Wonderland.The BSL interpretation will be provided by Theatre Sign and the interpreter is Taz Hockaday.

Tickets must be booked through our dedicated access team and are subject to availability. For your safety we do require a carer to accompany you through Wonderland (as above, their ticket is complimentary).


Workshops and talks

We are pleased to offer a range of practical workshops focussing on elements of the show such as acting, devising and stage skills as well as introductory talks suitable for groups and school parties of secondary age, university level and for for anyone else who would like to get a further insight into the show.

For more information, please contact us on [email protected]

For any ticketing questions for Adventures in Wonderland, click here