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Cast & Crew

Sound Designer & Composer

Tomas Gisby

Tomas is a Composer, Sound Designer, and Editor. He has worked with Les Enfants Terribles since their inception, including THE TERRIBLE INFANTS and ERNEST AND THE PALE MOON. With Oliver Lansley, he co-created and composed THE VAUDEVILLAINS.

As an Editor, Tomas has worked on the BAFTA winning BEN AND HOLLY’S LITTLE KINGDOM and PEPPA PIG. Tomas recently composed for the Olivier nominated ALICE'S ADVENTURES UNDERGROUND, Powderkeg Theatre Company’s JENNIFER SKYLARK AND THE SEAGULL’s HANDBOOK, and Les Enfants Terribles’ touring shows DR LONGITUDE’S MARVELLOUS IMAGINARY MENAGERIE and THE FANTASTICAL FLYING EXPLORATORY LABORATORY.

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