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Cast & Crew

Olivia Nakintu

Manchester born actress who recently relocated to London to pursue her acting career. Recent graduate of the 'Epic Stages' course at the National Youth Theatre, where she was cast as the lead in her showcase performed at the Rose Bruford theatre in August 2016. Previously studied acting at Pendleton college, where she was cast as various roles including: Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire, Antigone in Antigone, Lady Capulet in Romeo & Juliet. Whilst undertaking her training at Pendleton, Olivia was selected for a small acting role in a production of The Queen is Dead which was performed at the Lowry theatre in 2014. She has now joined Les Enfants Terribles for her theatrical debut, as part of Team Alice in their adaption of the classic, Alice in Wonderland - Alice's Adventures Underground.

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