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Cast & Crew

Hayley Harland

Hayley was one of the first to train on the National Youth Theatre Epic Stages course, a theatre making program designed around acting for immersive theatre.

She is also a songwriter, singer and guitarist. Over the years she has played at festivals such as Glastonbury, The Great Escape and Reading & Leads. 2016 saw her release debut single 'Open Up' and she received runner-up of the PRS Lynsey De Paul Prize, which she used to record part of her upcoming album. She is one of the Southbank Centres licensed street performers and you'll often find her busking underneath the London Eye.

In the first run of Alice’s Adventures Underground, Hayley played a card guard and was a proud member of the Wonderland Underground Resistance Movement, she will be returning to Wonderland this year as the Mock Turtle with a regular slot on Wednesday nights.

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